Patient Advocacy

Hospitalization and illness can be very stressful. Combine this with medical bills that are artificially inflated and you may need someone knowledgeable to speak on your behalf. That’s where HCC’s Patient Advocacy services come in.

Service Features

Health Cost Control’s Patient Advocacy program plays a critical role in helping members and dependents with their healthcare costs. Our expert client service staff is able to act as a “medical accountant.” They’re well versed in the ins and outs of medical billing and know how to:

  • Review a statement for billing errors

  • Negotiate cost reductions

    Most notably with hospitals and clinics

  • Work directly with collection agencies

The focus is on the best interest of the patient. HCC strives to address concerns, improve communication and resolve difficulties, all in a timely manner.

Contact Patient Advocacy by email.

Correcting Credit Report Errors

Both the credit reporting agency (CRA) and the organization that provided the information to the CRA, such as a hospital or collection agency, has the responsibility to correct inaccurate or incomplete information in your credit report.

The Patient Advocacy program assists the patient in reporting inaccurate information and provides detailed facts to explain why the item is in dispute and request deletion or correction by the CRA.

Courtesy Call to the Member

  • A Health Cost Control account representative will contact the member and validate if they've been balance billed by the provider.
  • The member will be informed of who we are, the process and what billing issues were identified on their claim.
  • HCC provides their contact information and option to refer calls from providers and collectors to the staff member working on a resolution to their claim with the given provider.
  • A Patient Advocacy Packet is mailed to the member. This Patient Advocacy Packet includes a sample dispute letter detailing the billing issues on their claim and information from the Federal Trade Commission listing their rights when disputing a debt. HCC assists the member in writing a dispute letter that will be sent to the provider and place the account in dispute.
  • HCC educates the patient on common insurance processes and procedures.
  • This value-added service is included in all of our products, and free to clients.

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