Medical Bill Review and Cost Containment Services

We offer Out-of-Network Bill Review Cost Containment Services to help manage out-of-network provider costs and more, as well as In-Network Bill Review to identify and adjust inaccurately billed items.


Out-of-Network Bill Review

Health Cost Control offers industry-leading Medical Bill Review.

We help manage out-of-network provider costs, HCC reviews medical claims to Usual, Customary, and Reasonable amounts to bring the charges to customary levels as provided under most insurance programs. Our proprietary software is highly flexible and can be configured to meet health plan specifications. Health Cost Control’s bill review produces precise and consistent outcomes to decrease medical costs for our clients.

Health Cost Control’s Registered Nursing staff additionally performs a line item review on every claim to identify duplication, unbundling, inappropriate charges, and other discrepancies.

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  • Quickest Turnaround

    EDI Available

  • Average savings of 70%

    Stop losing money with our help

  • Claims Reviewed by Experienced Clinicial Professionals

    Assures that only appropriate charges are reimbursed

  • Highlight and document all duplicate billing

    As well as unauthorized charges, upcoding, unbundling, and disallowed fees

In-Network Bill Review

Over 90% of medical claims contain errors!

Health Cost Control’s highly skilled staff of Registered Nurses review
every line item, identify and adjust inaccurately billed items. Through HCC’s
In-Network reviews, clients see an additional 19% savings.

a needle in a hay stack
  • Find the needle in the haystack

    We thoroughly seek out charges for certain services that were performed by nurses or technicians, such as equipment monitoring which should be part of the room charge

  • Incomplete/Undocumented Charges

  • Duplicate Charges

  • Unbundled charges

How are Provider Appeals Addressed?

Health Cost Control handles provider disputes on our client’s behalf. If disputes arise, please forward to your HCC account manager for immediate response. HCC works with providers toward a positive resolution and will keep you informed on the claim’s status. Health Cost Control’s stream-lined, efficient and quality work identifies defensible savings while meeting industry standards. Our cost containment strategies deliver superior savings with an average retention of 94% of original reductions.

Ready to save money? Let’s get started right away!

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