Air Ambulance Claim and Cost Review

We understand the uniqueness of the air ambulance industry pricing and their complex cost model. Health Cost Control uses proprietary methodologies to produce industry-leading cost reductions for our clients.

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Air Ambulance expenses have ballooned out of control and are dramatically impacting costs for both the patient and the health plan. PPO’s are ineffective in addressing this area and the typical fees charged by others to “save money” are so much each month that Payers and Health Plans feel as if they are being gouged and are demanding a different solution.

With over 20 years of claims and cost containment experience and a management team dedicated to innovation and quality, Health Cost Control is a company truly focused on controlling cost in every way including our fees.

  • 30-50% average savings

    Off total billed charges

  • Flexible Fee Structure

  • Unique Cost Analysis Report

  • Fixed-Wing and Rotary-Wing Aircraft UCR Pricing

  • Clinician Reviews Each Claim

  • Surprise Billing Assistance

  • Secure Client Webportal

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Wendy GratereauxAir Ambulance Claim and Cost Review