About us

Health Cost Control (HCC), based in Texas is a leading national provider of cost containment solutions with over twenty-five years’ experience. We specialize in group health claim review.

Our story

Health Cost Control’s industry-leading cost containment solutions for health plans, third party administrators, insurance companies, employer groups, HMO’s (Health Maintenance Organizations) and non-subscribers help control health care costs. Drawing from a large range of services, HCC creates a program tailored to fit your needs and custom designed to deliver optimum results.

  • Dialysis Claim Review
  • Air Ambulance Claim Review
  • Medical Bill Review
  • Referenced Based Pricing (+)
  • Patient Advocacy
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Our Mission

Health Cost Control was founded with the mission that still holds true today: to reduce healthcare costs for their clients and ensure that the national billing guidelines that govern inpatient and outpatient billing are adhered to by providers.

Fast Turnaround Times
20 Years in the Industry
Millions of Client Dollars Saved
Flexible and Effective Cost Solutions

Realize Medical Cost Savings

HCC’s resources include registered nurses with direct experience covering most clinical settings, understanding medical records and conducting thorough medical claim reviews.

Registered nurses review each line item of every claim from providers looking for potential duplication, unbundling, probable data entry errors and other discrepancies that produce inappropriate charges. HCC’s experienced team will ensure you have the maximum savings on your medical claims.

Our Memberships

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