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HCC utilizes proprietary reference prices based on decades of experience to provide significant savings to clients. Our review process and MBR expertise ensure that cost savings can be defended, and our specialized appeals defenders are there to ensure support for members.

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Leveling the Field

Health Cost Control reduces high costs with our Reference Based Pricing Plus

Health Cost Control’s Reference Based Pricing Plus (RBP Plus) eliminates high-cost providers for self-insured plans by setting reasonable benefit reimbursement levels to a percentage of Medicare or our proprietary database.

Primary to RBP Plus success is transparency. Understanding the costs for healthcare services allows self-insured employers to identify lower cost providers and control reimbursement at a fair and reasonable payment level.

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  • Fair and Reasonable

    Reasonable reimbursement either by a percentage of Medicare or our proprietary database.

  • Confining Costs

    Place limits on what will be paid by the health plan.

  • Solid Foundation

    Our methods are 100% Defensible

  • Reduce Costs

    Eliminates high-cost providers from PPO networks

The Bottom Line

With Health Cost Control’s help, employers are experiencing increased control over health plan costs while offering affordable health care coverage.

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Medical Bill Review

We offer Out-of-Network Bill Review to help manage out of network provider costs and more, as well as In-Network Bill Review to identify and adjust inaccurately billed items.

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With cost containment experience and a management team dedicated to innovation and quality, Health Cost Control is a company truly focused on controlling cost in every way including in their fees.

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Patient Advocacy

Health Cost Control’s Patient Advocacy program plays a critical role in helping members and dependents with their healthcare costs. Their expert client service staff is able to act as a “medical accountant.”

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